About me

“Whats Wrong With Just Being, You?”

Hey! My name is Maddie Jane, but you can call me MJ.

I grew up in Melbourne surrounded by a family bound by an artistic and Defence background. Currently, I’m a year 12 VCE student studying Economics, Accounting, Visual Communication, Maths, and English Language (and Previously VET Business).

Outside of school, I’m a LCDT (Leading Cadet) for the Australian air force cadets and I have also done commercial graphic design work.

These helped shape potential career pathways and after several years of deciding between Art and Defence, I have decided to pursue a forensic accountant position for the Federal police.

You’re probably wondering why I created the ‘Sleepy Red Panda’ website, the reason for it is to be a digital portfolio where I can display my Photography, Commercial Graphic Design Work, and Vis Com projects.

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