“A Photo Is More Than Just A Piece Of Beautiful Art, It Is A Moment In Time, An Emotion, A Smell, A Feeling…A Treasure.” – Ruth Syson and Corey French

I was only 8 when I started working as an assistant for my family’s Wedding/Portrait Photography business. Since then we have broadened our specialty to commercial photography for ‘Lisa Elliott Interior Design’ and shoot the interiors for her site and clients.  You can visit her website at

To any inspiring photographers, I encourage you to pursue this extremely rewarding hobby as a professional career but it is not just fun and games. I need you to understand that apart from the constant deadlines, it requires an infinite number of long days – the shoot and then fixing it up in photoshop – and everyone expects perfect results. If you are still up for this breathtaking (literally because of the endless stress) career, then go for it!