Visual Communication

“Genius is inspiration 1%, 99% perspiration.”

– Thomas Edison

VCE Visual Communication, commonly known as Vis Com.

Vis Com is an art subject that is comprised of 3 design studies, there is Industrial design (i.e. product design), Communication design (e.g. Poster design) and environmental design (i.e. architecture). 

Unit 1:

Outcome 1: Industrial design folio (Curling Iron)

Outcome 2: Communication design folio (Poster)

Outcome 3: Product history presentation (Chair)

Unit 2:

Outcome 1: Communication design folio (Character Design)

Outcome 2: Communication design folio (Music Poster and Album)

Outcome 3: Environmental design floor plan (Cubby House)

Unit 3:

Outcome 1: Environmental design folio (Cubby House)